Wedding Planner

A little about us…

So I am engaged and I still have not quite decided on a wedding date or what my wedding will look like. This is pretty weird because I am that girl that has always wanted a wedding and had a vision set in mind. Yet for some reason, everything I thought I would want I don’t want anymore.

So to start let me just make a list of the things my fiance and I like.

– We like to stay in and watch tv shows. Our favorites are The Office, Scrubs, That 70s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Friday Night Lights, Modern Family etc.

– We are also obsessed with the Home and Garden TV Channel.

– We like having casual and fun get-togethers with a few friends.

– We like chinese food. A lot!

– We LOVE watching movies. Especially action movies like The Avengers!!

– We like sweets but not cakes.

– We used to go to small/casual bars because the club scene just wasn’t us. So we tend to like small crowds and not so formal outings.

– We like shopping for furniture. Our favorite stores are Target and Ikea!!

– We love patios/backyards/balconies! The main reason we moved into our townhouse is because it had a small backyard and a patio. Normally when you rent apartments you don’t really see backyards at all!

Color board/Mood board I have always loved:

the image above is from 100 layer cake

Inspiration Board:

Dream Wedding in White

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