It is time for a change

I know that I have been MIA for a while now but my laptop wasn’t working and it took a while to figure out what was wrong with it. For now it is working but I will probably be needing to get a new laptop.

So I have been having a problem and that is fitting into the clothes I already own. I know that I had talked about not following fad diets and not dieting but lately I have been noticing that my clothes are fitting too tight. I don’t like this at all and I am obsessing over it. For a while I tracked my calorie intake and I noticed that I would eat less than 1100 calories a day and then other days I would eat twice that amount. No wonder I don’t lose weight! I put my body into starvation mode so when I eat twice as many calories my body is storing all the extra food! So I decided it is time to change this and I need to do something about it.

I decided to go to Choose My Plate to see what it would say and what it recommends. Obviously I am not eating right and I am definitely eating too little calories. I also noticed I consume too many fat foods even if they are healthy fats, I do believe there is too much of a healthy fat. I do think that 1800 calories is a little high for me because I get really full fast and eat small portions like 6 times a day. So I don’t know how I will eat so many calores! I think that I am going to increase my calorie intake a little a week and I will make sure to do at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week as well. I like what choose my plate says to do and I like that it says how many fats you should have. I think I eat way too many of those and definitely not enough protein or veggies! I will track my meals for a week and see how it goes. I have done my grocery shopping for the week and I am ready to get started.

If you guys could help me out and answer this questions for me. I’d love to know what other “normal” people do!

What do you do to maintain/lose weight?
What are your healthy food staples?


Another Groceries Haul

groceries 2-27-2013

Yes another groceries haul… but I am kind of obsessed. I love seeing what other people buy and what groceries they choose to buy. (on tumblr, instagram…) It is also inspiring because some of the groceries I have seen are very healthy and delicious!

And so, it was time to buy groceries again since we ate out like 3 days in a row because we didn’t have any groceries. This time I bought groceries for a few days not a whole week. I have found that buying a whole ton of groceries for a week never works out because by the end of the week I forget to eat something and it goes bad. (I am planning on posting some of the meals I ate with the last grocery haul.. if you are interested?!)

For this trip I bought:

mangoes, kiwis, granny smith apples, lemons, bananas (duh! if I don’t have any my toddler goes crazy!), oranges, grapefruits, avocados, mint leaves, cilantro, arugula, green onions, sugarsnap peas, cucumber, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, sesame oil, golden raisins, yogurt covered raisins, nori seaweed, peanut butter, whole wheat mini bagels, milk and quinoa

Most of the ingredients I bought are for a few recipes I want to try from a really cool website, Green Kitchen Stories. The recipes I am going to try are green sushi salad, moroccan quinoa salad, mango walnut salad, citrus salad, and very green juice. I am very excited to try these out!!! I’ll post pictures of the recipes I succeed at making. 😀

Grocery List for the Week

grocery list 2-14-2013

I wanted to share with you guys my grocery list! Yay! I am so proud of myself because I actually planned out meals and made a list of what I wanted to buy. I still bought other things that were not on the list but for the most part I did stick to the plan. The images I got from myrecipes and health and they are images of some of the food I want to make this week. The images include panzanella, caprese bites, chai tea, and mint tea! I also watched these videos from Leaf TV. For the panzanella video click here, the caprese bites click here, the chai tea click here, and the mint tea click here. I found that channel on accident on youtube and now I am obsessed with their videos!

Doesn’t the list look cute? And the food looks delicious too!

A few items that are not in the list that I ended up getting:

  • beer (for the fiance and for valentine’s day)
  • a sweet red wine (for me, you must think we are alcoholics!!)
  • a cucumber
  • avocados (they were on sale!)
  • a squash (the calabaza one from Mexico?!)
  • kiwis
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • turkey ham

A few items that I did not get from the list:

  • chocolate bar (opted not to get it)
  • cardamom pods (couldn’t find them, does anyone know where I can find them?! please let me know)
  • mangoes (they didn’t look very good this time)
  • lemons (I forgot them but luckily I still have a few)

So that is my grocery list for this week. We ended up not drinking since 10 o’clock seemed really late. (We are so not in college anymore.) So we plan to drink Saturday evening, lol yes we penciled that in for Saturday but we will see.

Grocery Haul from HEB Market

4 jugs of water, granola, baby mum-mums, baby puffs in the apple flavor, baby oatmeal cereal, stonyfield 32 oz vanilla yogurt, yobaby yogurt in the vanilla flavor, sweet potato, green beans, sweet peas, baby spinach, kale, cantaloupe, bananas, pears, apples, strawberries, and chicken.

So here is another post about my grocery shopping trip. This time I went to H-E-B Market; which I believe are only in Texas but I could be wrong. This H-E-B in particular carries organic items and non organic items. Which I absolutely love! I’m hoping I will use up all these groceries and i would like to post all the meals I make. This way I can keep track of what I actually use and what I should quit buying.

On a side note: I will also be including groceries I already have.

Today’s post will be a short one for now.

Pin it Tuesday: Frozen Yogurt Melts

One Good Thing by Jillee

Ok, so here goes another pinterest find I actually made as well. I usually buy Cas Happy Yogis or Gerber Graduates Organic Yogurt Melts and he loves them. So while I was on pinterest one day (like always, actually) I came across an idea to make homemade yogurt melts. I knew I just had to try them for baby Cas and I thought it would also be good to soothe his teething gums. I’m sure everyone has already made them by now but I am way too excited about them! Like, I totally love them!!!

So you first start out with any yogurt you like, I really like the Yoplait yogurt brand (I know greek yogurt is better but I prefer Yoplait), and then you put it inside a ziploc bag.

Then you cut a tiny piece of the corner of the ziploc bag and then you make swirlies (<- not a real word but whatever) onto a baking pan and freeze anything from 40 minutes to an hour.

And enjoy!! I usually put the yogurt melts into little baggies to keep them in the freezer (like the picture below).

I also made some with Stonyfield Yobaby Yogurt in the banana flavor for Cas. Since he usually loves to eat the Happy Yogis in the banana peach flavor. (see below) Anyways these are yummy and I am wanting to experiment more with yogurt melts… I’m thinking maybe making them in a chocolate flavor or making a banana peach mixture for Cas.

Making baby food is easy, fun and cheaper

yellow squash puree (top), apple and banana puree (bottom left), raspberry and pear puree (bottom right)

I have been having way too much fun making Cas’s food. I love coming up with different combinations for him. His favorite fruit is definitely pears! He eats small pieces of pears that I put into a mesh fresh food feeder, he also likes pears mixed with bananas, pears with apples, and pears with raspberries (his favorite puree of all). He pretty much likes pears with anything or by itself.

A few things I have discovered making baby food are:

  1. Making baby food is extremely easy. – The only equipment you really need is a blender or a food processor to make baby food. You can prepare the food in advance and refrigerate it for later. I usually make his baby food when I am making myself or for the fiance breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Making baby food is lots of fun! – I never thought that I would have fun creating baby food. I used to think it would be extremely hard and that I would get frustrated every time. I actually enjoy it and can’t wait to make his baby food.  Since I am starting to learn his favorite fruits and veggies, it has been fun creating combinations like pears and raspberries for him. (I’ve also found new combinations to add to my morning smoothies because of this.)
  3. Making baby food is cheaper. – My fiance and I have found that by buying fresh fruits and vegetables for Cas means more cash in our wallets. For example, the other day I made Cas a sweet potato puree, but the sweet potato was so large I only needed about half to make enough for 3 days. So with the rest of the sweet potato I made baked sweet potato fries. Yumm! I didn’t throw away the sweet potato instead I used it to make fries for me and the fiance. Money well spent!

I would definitely recommend to moms or dads who have time to consider making their baby homemade baby food. Or to at least give it a try to just see how it goes. I was afraid that Cas wouldn’t like it but he actually loves it! The pear and raspberry puree below is by far his favorite, he is always wanting more of it. He also used to hate apples and bananas from the jars but when I made him the homemade version he loved it! I guess kids really do like homemade food from their mommies!

raspberry and pear puree

yellow squash

peach and banana

apple and pear sauce, super yummy!

Are their any parents who made or are making their babies homemade purees? How is it going and what is your baby’s favorite?!

Baby food making craze

So, last time I mentioned that I would start making baby food for baby Cas. I have been inspired by a website I found called, weelicious! Weelicious has many healthy recipes for children and families. There are so many baby food puree recipes on there, that I have gone crazy! I love this website so much that I have made about 4-5 of the recipes on there. The first recipe I decided to make was the plum and banana puree. Cas loves bananas and I thought that plum and banana sounded really good!

This recipe is so simple to make and it only takes a few minutes! I made it using a nutribullet but i’m sure you can use a blender or a food processor to make this puree. This puree wasn’t Cas’s favorite but it tasted delicious to me. 😀 (Plum banana link)

The next recipe I made was the raspberry banana puree and this one was a hit! Cas and I both loved it so much. This recipe just needed one banana and a cup of raspberries. It made enough for 2 servings and Cas just devoured it. This puree also came out in a pretty hot pink color which I really liked.

I also decided to make a butternut squash puree because it is one of those vegetables that you just need to bake and then puree. Cas also happens to like butternut squash so it was nice to give him some homemade food. I was really scared to cut the butternut squash but it was really easy thanks to this video I watched.

Lastly I made myself a kale-rasp-banana shake. I loved Cas’s raspberry banana puree so much that I decided to make into a shake.

So far making baby food is a lot easier than I thought. I make enough baby food for 2 to 3 days. I have yet to freeze baby food since  the idea of it doesn’t sound so good. I guess I won’t know until I try it out. Anyways for new parents who want to make their baby homemade purees, you should check out!

Grocery haul from Whole Foods

Romaine lettuce, kale, red onion, mangoes, bananas, pears, avocados, butternut squash, raspberries, black plums, carrots, sugar snap peas

Normally on Mondays my “fiance” (it is so weird saying it 😀 ) has flag football with his co-workers who then play other companies. (what a bore..) I usually never go but yesterday I decided to go grocery shopping while he was at the game. The park where they play flag football is only 2 minutes away from Whole Foods, so why not get grocery shopping out of the way.

I also decided I would take Cas grocery shopping with me. Now you might be wondering why I even mentioned that, a lot of moms take their babies grocery shopping. Well I have a special baby who hates, no more like loathes the car seat. I normally have to have someone else come with me when I go grocery shopping with Cas. So, to make things easier for me  I decided to use the Ergo wrap. It was given to us as a gift and I have found that it is a lifesaver! Cas really likes it and while I was shopping at Whole Foods he took a little nap in it.

I have gone to Whole Foods before but only to get things I couldn’t find in H-E-B or to get something to eat since I used to work in the same shopping center. Yesterday I decided just to go ahead and get everything I needed there. It was interesting, in a good way. I really liked that they had loose carrots! My fiance thought I was being weird that I was super happy to find loose carrots. When I usually buy carrots, they come in a bag but I usually never use more than 2 or 3 carrots. So I never buy any but at Whole foods I picked up a few carrots. I’ll probably use some for salads and steam the rest. I’m planning on steaming 1 or 2 and make them into baby food for Cas. (oh yeah, I’m going to start making some baby food) I also really liked that they had a lot of vegetables to choose from that you can’t normally find.  For example, leeks, I can never find them in supermarkets.

steel cut oats, green lentils, fruit and nut mix, tazo passion tea, naked green machine juices (the fiance is obsessed with these), walnuts, stash hibiscus tea, strawberry rolls (first time buying them)

I also bought a few random items, like the Tazo teas and Naked juices. My fiance really likes the juices and the reason is because sometimes he is really tired at work but doesn’t have time to eat so he will drink one of these instead of an energy drink.

You might notice I didn’t buy any meat. We already have chicken and tilapia at home so I didn’t feel the need to buy anymore. Honestly, I hate beef and my fiance and I have been really bad about not eating at home. Which has to stop! I am also trying this vegetarian diet as of today, lol. I can do it but my fiance’s family is Mexican and man is it hard to be a vegetarian around really good food!

Ella’s kitchen baby food, happy baby puffs in strawberry (they were out of apple), multi-grain cereal, teething biscuits, earth’s best baby food

I also picked up a few items for Cas. I didn’t buy very many since I will be experimenting with homemade baby food this week. I got him some more puffs which he has gotten really good at chewing and I also got him teething biscuits for his chewing-on-everything-frenzy!

yummy salads

It might not seem like a lot of food but my fiance and I have this problem where we buy a lot of food and then we don’t eat it. This will not be the case this time! I will use every item I bought this week!  I have started by preparing salads for 2-3 days. I will also make some of the beans and rice I have in advance so I can just grab some to make meals throughout the week.

Overall, I really liked shopping for groceries at Whole Foods. It is really hard to buy bad food since there wasn’t any Hershey’s chocolates in the check out area for me to buy. It wasn’t as crowded as other supermarkets I have gone to and the selection on vegetables is awesome!

Organic baby food, is it better and most importantly does Cas like it?

So I have been watching documentaries like Fresh, Food Inc., Food Matters, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig,  Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution and many more environmental friendly films. Well after all this watching I have been worrying about what I have been feeding Cas. Originally, when I was pregnant I kept saying to myself that I would make Cas’s food all by myself and that he would not get any baby food bought from the store. Well once he was born, I changed my mind there is just no way! First of all he doesn’t take long naps and I am constantly after him since he keeps doing things that he shouldn’t be doing (like trying to grab the playstation or eat my books). Sure he may sleep all night but in my defense, Cas wakes up at 10 am and does not sleep until 12 or 1 am. So I am pretty tired throughout the whole day! (Lately he has been waking up at 7 am but not sleeping any earlier… sigh)

So the other night I went to Sprouts Farmers Market and the only organic baby food they have is Earth’s Best. I was actually looking for Plum organics baby food but they did not have any. 😦 I really wanted Cas to try Plum Organics Mango Puree; it sounds yummy. The price for the Earth’s Best baby food is about the same price I paid for non-organic baby food. So far Cas has tried the banana puree and I mixed it with oatmeal which he really loved. Today we tried apples with oatmeal and once again it is baby approved! I didn’t know if Cas would hate them since they do taste differently (more natural, definitely no sugar added) but he has been loving them. When baby is happy I am happy! It seems to be better for him since they taste natural and they taste similar to the fruit it says it is. For example, the apple puree does not taste like applesauce, it tastes like apples!