Food Diary Entry #7 (for, Tues 4-29-2013)

Today fiance stayed home since he has a very bad sunburn! Yesterday we went to the doctor and he was given a shot, some antibiotics, ibuprofen, and a cream. He got this bad sunburn because he didn’t wear any sunscreen and went fishing for 9 hours! So please wear sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun for hours! He definitely learned his lesson and he needed to stay home from work to rest. Today he is able to walk without saying “ow”, so we are definitely making an improvement! Today has been very relaxing and there has been lots of eating going on.

Around 3 pm today I decided to try Peanut Butter Fingers chicken tacos in my old school crock pot! here is proof:

See i told you it was old school! My mom left me this crock pot on Cas’s first birthday party. I found so many recipes that look really easy and they use a crock pot!

For breakfast:
A strawberry and banana smoothie. I added a few almonds and a little bit of milk. I forget how sweet fruit can be when I don’t add kale or spinach to smoothies.

For lunch:
I wanted a little bit of everything for lunch today. I wanted edamame with a spicy sauce on top and a kale salad massaged with squeezed lemon juice. Both of these ideas are not original since they are from two restaurants I visit often. One is a sushi place and the other is a vegetarian restaurant. So what do I have on my plate? Well, a kale salad, roasted red pepper hummus, pita chips, and steamed edamame with chili garlic sauce on top. You guys I ate every single thing! I left nothing! Yumm-O!

Afternoon snack:
Since I was waiting on my 2 ingredient chicken tacos cooking in the slow cooker, the smell was making me hungry. I ate a lara bar to help with my growling stomach. I knew I wasn’t starving but I did want something small. This particular flavor is not my favorite but I did like the coconut in it! My favorite lara bar is the chocolate chip flavor!

So 5 1/2 hours the chicken tacos were ready! And they were totally worth the wait! My fiance likes flour tortillas with his tacos and I had two taco shells… plus a flour tortilla! I know, I know they are not healthy but they are one of my weaknesses. I normally have two tacos but I was really hungry by the time dinner came around so I had 3. These tacos were amazing, especially with salsa verde. My fiance added roasted chipotle salsa to his and they were just as delicious. This was super yummy and I was going to use romaine instead of iceberg but how can you eat a taco without the crispiness of iceberg lettuce! Cas had himself a tiny burrito with the chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes. He did eat half of eat and picked at it later.

2 Oreo cookies with a cup of milk. My fiance and I are now going to watch Justice League on Netflix until it is time for bed. (If you didn’t know, I love superhero tv shows, movies, and comics! My favorite is Batman!)


Another Groceries Haul

groceries 2-27-2013

Yes another groceries haul… but I am kind of obsessed. I love seeing what other people buy and what groceries they choose to buy. (on tumblr, instagram…) It is also inspiring because some of the groceries I have seen are very healthy and delicious!

And so, it was time to buy groceries again since we ate out like 3 days in a row because we didn’t have any groceries. This time I bought groceries for a few days not a whole week. I have found that buying a whole ton of groceries for a week never works out because by the end of the week I forget to eat something and it goes bad. (I am planning on posting some of the meals I ate with the last grocery haul.. if you are interested?!)

For this trip I bought:

mangoes, kiwis, granny smith apples, lemons, bananas (duh! if I don’t have any my toddler goes crazy!), oranges, grapefruits, avocados, mint leaves, cilantro, arugula, green onions, sugarsnap peas, cucumber, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, sesame oil, golden raisins, yogurt covered raisins, nori seaweed, peanut butter, whole wheat mini bagels, milk and quinoa

Most of the ingredients I bought are for a few recipes I want to try from a really cool website, Green Kitchen Stories. The recipes I am going to try are green sushi salad, moroccan quinoa salad, mango walnut salad, citrus salad, and very green juice. I am very excited to try these out!!! I’ll post pictures of the recipes I succeed at making. 😀

Grocery List for the Week

grocery list 2-14-2013

I wanted to share with you guys my grocery list! Yay! I am so proud of myself because I actually planned out meals and made a list of what I wanted to buy. I still bought other things that were not on the list but for the most part I did stick to the plan. The images I got from myrecipes and health and they are images of some of the food I want to make this week. The images include panzanella, caprese bites, chai tea, and mint tea! I also watched these videos from Leaf TV. For the panzanella video click here, the caprese bites click here, the chai tea click here, and the mint tea click here. I found that channel on accident on youtube and now I am obsessed with their videos!

Doesn’t the list look cute? And the food looks delicious too!

A few items that are not in the list that I ended up getting:

  • beer (for the fiance and for valentine’s day)
  • a sweet red wine (for me, you must think we are alcoholics!!)
  • a cucumber
  • avocados (they were on sale!)
  • a squash (the calabaza one from Mexico?!)
  • kiwis
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • turkey ham

A few items that I did not get from the list:

  • chocolate bar (opted not to get it)
  • cardamom pods (couldn’t find them, does anyone know where I can find them?! please let me know)
  • mangoes (they didn’t look very good this time)
  • lemons (I forgot them but luckily I still have a few)

So that is my grocery list for this week. We ended up not drinking since 10 o’clock seemed really late. (We are so not in college anymore.) So we plan to drink Saturday evening, lol yes we penciled that in for Saturday but we will see.

Food Diary Entry #3 (for Wed, 11/07/2012)

In the morning:
Cup of coffee with 2 packets of sugar in the raw and some water. I also had a small pear because it looked good in the fruit basket.

For a midmorning snack:
A small apple and banana. I was actually starving but since Cas was sleeping upstairs (on my bed :/ ), I really couldn’t make something to eat so instead I grabbed some fruit to help with the roaring stomach I had.

For lunch:
Spinach, whole grain pasta, garlic, parsley, and butter (I ran out of olive oil, so I used butter instead. I don’t really mind since we almost never run out of our small tub of butter. We just don’t use it that often since we prefer olive oil.) This is probably one of my favorite meals and it always keeps me really full.

For dinner:
So I had about 2 tbsp of wild rice, sweet potato, and apple with honey and cinnamon. Which I hated! So I stopped eating it and made a tuna salad instead. The tuna salad consisted of; half of chunk light tuna, 1 1/2 tbsp of light mayonnaise (too much for my taste), 1/2 tsp of pepper, 3 tbsp of chopped spinach, and 1 hard boiled egg including the yolk. I’m sure I could have done without the mayonnaise since I don’t really care for it but for some reason I can only have tuna salad if it has mayo. It must remind me of the way my mom makes tuna salad, which includes lots of mayonnaise.

Not the prettiest picture but when does tuna ever look pretty?

Later I sipped on..
Some Hibiscus tea with a tsp of honey and a dash of cinnamon. This has to be my favorite tea at the moment. (The Tea I used today was Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings) I also had another small apple after my late workout.

I am okay with what I ate today. If I had all the ingredients to make a sweet potato and wild rice soup I would be a lot happier but the tuna salad came out good and very filling.

Grocery haul from Whole Foods

Romaine lettuce, kale, red onion, mangoes, bananas, pears, avocados, butternut squash, raspberries, black plums, carrots, sugar snap peas

Normally on Mondays my “fiance” (it is so weird saying it 😀 ) has flag football with his co-workers who then play other companies. (what a bore..) I usually never go but yesterday I decided to go grocery shopping while he was at the game. The park where they play flag football is only 2 minutes away from Whole Foods, so why not get grocery shopping out of the way.

I also decided I would take Cas grocery shopping with me. Now you might be wondering why I even mentioned that, a lot of moms take their babies grocery shopping. Well I have a special baby who hates, no more like loathes the car seat. I normally have to have someone else come with me when I go grocery shopping with Cas. So, to make things easier for me  I decided to use the Ergo wrap. It was given to us as a gift and I have found that it is a lifesaver! Cas really likes it and while I was shopping at Whole Foods he took a little nap in it.

I have gone to Whole Foods before but only to get things I couldn’t find in H-E-B or to get something to eat since I used to work in the same shopping center. Yesterday I decided just to go ahead and get everything I needed there. It was interesting, in a good way. I really liked that they had loose carrots! My fiance thought I was being weird that I was super happy to find loose carrots. When I usually buy carrots, they come in a bag but I usually never use more than 2 or 3 carrots. So I never buy any but at Whole foods I picked up a few carrots. I’ll probably use some for salads and steam the rest. I’m planning on steaming 1 or 2 and make them into baby food for Cas. (oh yeah, I’m going to start making some baby food) I also really liked that they had a lot of vegetables to choose from that you can’t normally find.  For example, leeks, I can never find them in supermarkets.

steel cut oats, green lentils, fruit and nut mix, tazo passion tea, naked green machine juices (the fiance is obsessed with these), walnuts, stash hibiscus tea, strawberry rolls (first time buying them)

I also bought a few random items, like the Tazo teas and Naked juices. My fiance really likes the juices and the reason is because sometimes he is really tired at work but doesn’t have time to eat so he will drink one of these instead of an energy drink.

You might notice I didn’t buy any meat. We already have chicken and tilapia at home so I didn’t feel the need to buy anymore. Honestly, I hate beef and my fiance and I have been really bad about not eating at home. Which has to stop! I am also trying this vegetarian diet as of today, lol. I can do it but my fiance’s family is Mexican and man is it hard to be a vegetarian around really good food!

Ella’s kitchen baby food, happy baby puffs in strawberry (they were out of apple), multi-grain cereal, teething biscuits, earth’s best baby food

I also picked up a few items for Cas. I didn’t buy very many since I will be experimenting with homemade baby food this week. I got him some more puffs which he has gotten really good at chewing and I also got him teething biscuits for his chewing-on-everything-frenzy!

yummy salads

It might not seem like a lot of food but my fiance and I have this problem where we buy a lot of food and then we don’t eat it. This will not be the case this time! I will use every item I bought this week!  I have started by preparing salads for 2-3 days. I will also make some of the beans and rice I have in advance so I can just grab some to make meals throughout the week.

Overall, I really liked shopping for groceries at Whole Foods. It is really hard to buy bad food since there wasn’t any Hershey’s chocolates in the check out area for me to buy. It wasn’t as crowded as other supermarkets I have gone to and the selection on vegetables is awesome!