Grocery Haul from HEB Market

4 jugs of water, granola, baby mum-mums, baby puffs in the apple flavor, baby oatmeal cereal, stonyfield 32 oz vanilla yogurt, yobaby yogurt in the vanilla flavor, sweet potato, green beans, sweet peas, baby spinach, kale, cantaloupe, bananas, pears, apples, strawberries, and chicken.

So here is another post about my grocery shopping trip. This time I went to H-E-B Market; which I believe are only in Texas but I could be wrong. This H-E-B in particular carries organic items and non organic items. Which I absolutely love! I’m hoping I will use up all these groceries and i would like to post all the meals I make. This way I can keep track of what I actually use and what I should quit buying.

On a side note: I will also be including groceries I already have.

Today’s post will be a short one for now.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Haul from HEB Market

  1. Hello! I’m new to wordpress and I’ve taken the initiative to begin trying to live an all around healthier lifestyle. Your blog looks awesome and your approach to healthy food is amazing. Does it take long to prepare these healthy meals?

    • Good for you in making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle and thanks! I am really trying to eat healthier since I had stopped after the baby was born. The healthy meals that I make do not take long at all! I am actually surprised at how easy it is to make them. I probably spend from 5 minutes to 20 minutes making meals and normally the longest meal to make is dinner. If you have any questions on a certain meal let me know!

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