First Birthday Party Themes

Classic Blues Birthday Theme
So as you can tell I have been obsessing over Cas’s first birthday party theme. It is kind of crazy because his birthday will be in January of 2013. So I may be getting to ahead of myself but it is so much fun!!! I like it way more than wedding planning. The only thing I have done is watch Say Yes to the Dress and look at wedding gowns online. Anyways I have three themes in mind that I am in love and have lots of ideas for. For starters, I have created inspiration boards using Polyvore.
The first theme is the first inspiration board above that I have named as Classic Blues. So I am thinking of using fabrics, balloons, and cupcake holders in many shades of blue. I am also planning on having lots of blue serving ware and flatware. It wouldn’t have to be fancy or anything.
Monkey, Yellow, Brown, White/Ivory Birthday Theme
For the second theme I want to have monkeys as a theme with the colors yellow, brown and white to help bring the theme together. I also want to have lots of food items based around bananas!!! I also wanted to get banana milk and chocolate milk, as well as root beer and pineapple soda. Too cute!
Teal Orange Brown Birthday Theme
Finally the last theme is just based around the colors teal, orange and brown. Just like the monkey theme, I would have food and drink items that match the colors of the theme.
Now, which one to choose???!!!

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