Goodbye tiny apartment, I will miss you

the living room at our one bedroom apartment (obviously before cas was born and it looked clean!)

It is that time again to move and we have been moving from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom townhouse/apartment since friday of last week. I just want to be done with moving; we still have the “little stuff” or the “random stuff” or “just trash” left at our tiny apartment and I’m tired of driving back and forth. To be honest I am so sad to leave my tiny apartment. I get so sentimental every time we go back to get more stuff.

the kitchen and dining room. (i was 4 1/2 months pregnant when I took these pictures)

I mean this was the first place my fiance and I actually lived in alone! Before this apartment we had always lived with roommates because of college but this, this apartment was “our” home! This was our home before Cas was born and this was Cas’s first home as well. This is where I remember getting contractions from 7 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart on a saturday morning and rushing to the hospital. (I mean the whole 5 minutes apart within one hour so did not happen to me!)

our bedroom before chaos and mess ever happened to it. it used to be so peaceful…

This is where my fiance got ready for his graduation ceremony from college and spent almost 2 months finding a “real job”. This is where I went to school a full semester all the way until 2 weeks before I was due. This is where I became a stay at home mom and where a tiny little baby changed my whole world around! This is where I had the sleepless nights and days for almost 3 months because newborns need to eat every 2/3 hours!! This is where I got engaged in the park behind the apartment complex. This is where two of our favorite restaurants are not even a minute away.

I mean so many things happened in this apartment that it is heartbreaking to leave behind. I know that new memories will be made in our spacious 2 bedroom town house and I cannot wait for them. But… it just does not feel like home just yet. I am having a hard time dealing with all the space we have. I mean even Cas now has his own room and I am also having a hard time dealing with that!!

He used to have a corner to himself (eventually he took over the whole apartment with all his things) and I always just put him on our bed when he would cry because for some reason sleeping with mom and dad was more comfortable. And its been day 4 in our new place and Cas is still in his room sleeping and it is 8:40 in the morning. Well, he is starting this new thing where he takes four naps instead of three and goes to sleep really late at night and wakes up late the next day. But anyways back to what I was saying, this apartment holds many great memories for me that I could never forget. Au revoir, petite apartimente (< wrong translation i’m sure)! Adios depa pequenito! Goodbye, tiny apartment!


Dear Apartment 211,

Thanks for a good year!! I will miss you dearly and even though I complained every day about how small you were and that there was not enough space. You know that deep down I adored you! Thanks for welcoming my baby and for the good times we had with our friends coming over almost every saturday night.

I hope you make the next family just as happy as we were.




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