Food Diary Entry #1 (for Wed,09/12/2012)

So I have decided to start a food journal on I started yesterday, so I decided to share yesterday’s journal entry with you. I almost ate healthy all day until the fiance decided to get some taco cabana and well I could not resist!

09/12/2012 Food Diary

As soon as I w0ke up:

Warm water with slices of lemon

For Breakfast:

Banana Strawberry Almond Smoothie

For Lunch:

Hummus Veggie Sandwich


Grapes and String Cheese

Trail Mix

For Dinner:

Pico de Gallo Salad

For Dessert:

Sugar Free and Homemade French Vanilla Frappuccino

Late Night Eats:

2 Taco Cabana Street Tacos

A few chips with Queso

As you can see I almost made it all day with a healthy diet but I love street tacos. They are so yummy!! What do you eat daily?

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