The story of my freak out over rice cereal

I remember the first time I gave rice cereal to Cas. He hated it! He would cry and cry every time I tried and I got really frustrated with myself. I started coming up with this idea that if Cas didn’t like cereal that he wouldn’t like fruits and if he didn’t like fruits then he definitely wouldn’t like vegetables. I also thought that if he didn’t eat rice cereal at four months, that he wouldn’t be developing correctly. (whatever that means) I mean I went insane over a few tries of getting Cas to eat mushy rice cereal! At some point, I decided to give my mom a call and ask for advise. (always my last resort and you’ll see why) So I called my mom and told her that the baby didn’t like cereal and wouldn’t eat it. She freaked out and told me that the baby was too young for cereal and what was I thinking?!! While she is freaking out, I am trying to get her to let me talk because its obvious she was thinking that I tried to give cocoa puffs to Cas… Sigh. ( i was right too, she thought i was giving grown up cereal to a baby!!! seriously mom?!) Finally, after ten minutes of her freaking out, she tells me to not worry about and to try again in a few days.

So I wait. A week.

And guess what?! He loves it! I couldn’t believe it, he actually ate all the cereal I prepared him! (about a few tablespoons worth) I was jumping up and down and making phone calls (as if he just won the Olympics) to everyone about my big boy’s accomplishment.

Looking back, well, I shouldn’t have freaked out. Every baby will grow up at their own pace. So what if my friend’s baby loved cereal at his first attempt . My baby is healthy and growing, and at the end of the day that is all that should matters to me.

Cas (who is close to seven months now) loves fruits, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and veggies. What I love most about the stage he currently is in, is that I am figuring his favorite foods. The picture above shows a banana puree and oatmeal cereal. It happens to be his favorite meal when I mix the two together! His favorite fruit puree is pears, he just loves pears! (i also loved them when I was pregnant, ironically) His favorite vegetables are carrots and sweet potato. He absolutely hates peas, I cannot get him to eat more than two tiny spoonfuls. He has even learned to do this new gagging thing every time I give him peas. Babies are funny and just too cute!

If I could just go back and tell myself, “Just relax, it is only cereal. When he is ready he will let you know.” I sometimes wonder if I am the only new mom that freaks out…

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