Just another lovely day at the park … to get engaged!

So on August 4th of 2012, my boyfriend, his cousin (I should have been suspicious), baby Cas and I all go the park behind our apartment complex like any other day. My boyfriend shows me the “snacks” he bought for the park. They are two ring pops and a mexican candy (which is chocolate covered marshmallow on a stick, really yummy and bad for you). I didn’t think anything of it and just laughed at him and told him how unhealthy the snacks are while we where going to the park for a run.

Once we get to the park we start walking towards a Chinese temple and he asks me if I would like the mexican candy now. I was sweating from the heat and I told him, “No thanks, I don’t want any.”

He then says, “Well why don’t you open it before it melts and we can share it?”

To this I laugh and say “ok”. The reason I laugh is because whenever he says that it really means that he is going to eat it all.

So I start walking away from him and when I take out the candy, the only thing that comes out is the stick. I tell my boyfriend, “Oops it melted and I think I broke it.” I am so clueless that I don’t even notice him on his knees.

He asks me to look what is inside the wrapper.

When I do I couldn’t believe it and I did a triple check. I look at him and say “You didn’t!??”

He has tears in his eyes and asks me “If I will marry him?”

I was so shocked and excited I couldn’t even open the box with the ring inside it. I also don’t say yes until it finally hits me five minutes later that he has proposed.

I am so happy because I can finally start planning a real wedding not a fake one. LOL. I’m also really excited because we are going to take the next step and really become a family.

I now have a fiance!

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