Organic baby food, is it better and most importantly does Cas like it?

So I have been watching documentaries like Fresh, Food Inc., Food Matters, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Pig,  Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution and many more environmental friendly films. Well after all this watching I have been worrying about what I have been feeding Cas. Originally, when I was pregnant I kept saying to myself that I would make Cas’s food all by myself and that he would not get any baby food bought from the store. Well once he was born, I changed my mind there is just no way! First of all he doesn’t take long naps and I am constantly after him since he keeps doing things that he shouldn’t be doing (like trying to grab the playstation or eat my books). Sure he may sleep all night but in my defense, Cas wakes up at 10 am and does not sleep until 12 or 1 am. So I am pretty tired throughout the whole day! (Lately he has been waking up at 7 am but not sleeping any earlier… sigh)

So the other night I went to Sprouts Farmers Market and the only organic baby food they have is Earth’s Best. I was actually looking for Plum organics baby food but they did not have any. 😦 I really wanted Cas to try Plum Organics Mango Puree; it sounds yummy. The price for the Earth’s Best baby food is about the same price I paid for non-organic baby food. So far Cas has tried the banana puree and I mixed it with oatmeal which he really loved. Today we tried apples with oatmeal and once again it is baby approved! I didn’t know if Cas would hate them since they do taste differently (more natural, definitely no sugar added) but he has been loving them. When baby is happy I am happy! It seems to be better for him since they taste natural and they taste similar to the fruit it says it is. For example, the apple puree does not taste like applesauce, it tastes like apples!


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